I Return To You

I return to you
river dark
bearing the weight
of a shameful past
treading heavy
beneath my feet

I return to you
full of scars
from love’s battlefield
a worn body
seeking new skin

I return to you
armor off
weapons laid down
with no strength
nor desire to fight
I claim defeat

I return to you
a man possessed
seeking liberation
to leave the chains
at the door
for collecting

I return to you
heart exposed
for the empty
to be filled
and the seething
to be cured

I return to you
tried and true
and in need
of shelter
will your love
cover me

I return to you
cloaked in truth
no longer afraid
to reveal
my most intimate sides
and complexities

I return to you
a man renewed
petals open
to your sun
ready to receive
the light you give
and grow beneath
your warmth and care

I return to you
ready and able
to cross the distance
and meet you
on the other side
of possibility

I return to you
full of sound
after years
of aimless wandering
I have learned
to listen,
and gather the signs
laid out for me

I return to you
love unbound
willing to learn
and sacrifice
tools for building

I return to you
moon marked
child of the promise
risen from the ashes
seeking new skin
inviting your love
to cover me


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