Towards Becoming

perhaps one day we will love again
when the dust settles and the smoke clears
and the sadness that gripped and coiled our eyes like serpents peels away and disintegrates
empties itself clean and bone hollow
like the belly of newborn babies that seek and starve for a new satisfaction
substance that is purposeful

perhaps then
we’ll discover sight.
learn what it means to look upon and recognize one an/other
see our selves for the first time
standing in true form
bodies bare in all of their nakedness
heart, flesh and wounds exposed.
our bones would agitate and shift in their skeletal cradles
turn themselves over
reset like clockwork
return to a place of origin
full of curiosity and wonder.

perhaps then
we’ll regain speech.
have unfastened and rescued our tongues from the clutch of our mouths’ rooftops
learned the meaning behind words we unknowingly acquired
understand now the discourses of love and loss and awakening
possess new forms of communication
new ways to regard one another.

perhaps then
we’ll become found.
like lost children who return home after years of frightful wander
dragging along the weight of limping bodies like damaged collateral
sprouting heavy limbs and trembling flesh that long for rest in the arms of a constant
unclenching starved mouths and thirsting tongues that crave the taste of the familiar
a drop
a morsel
a crumb.
the tiniest parcel to prove the past still remembers

that there still remains some/thing of worth to recover.