soltando la lengua.


Before I am anything else I am a poet–I was formed as a poet, I survived my youth because of poems and poetry, and I’ll die as a poet.

It was the first kind and form of meaningful writing I experienced, that I felt connected to, was able to see myself reflected in, was able to freely and fully express myself through, and the first kind and form of writing that I fell in love with, and still love most.

I approach all forms of writing (personal essays, memoir, academic essays, recipes, etc.) as I would a poem, which typically is by discovering and laying down the title, or the first/last sentence, or a word that caught my ear or heart with interest and that I organize the rest of the writing around. Begin with the ending, middle or beginning, feel and work my way backwards or frontward, instinctually.  Fill the rest in with movements, colors, feelings, sights and sounds.

I’m called to task typically from inspiration, or steel-eye focus, or desire, or curiosity or a driven mission to: reveal, understand, discover, or come to terms with.

These are some of my words and work.

soltando la lengua.